Saturday, September 8, 2012

Common Haunts: So, there's something about Mary ...

While researching a Halloween-themed story called Haunted Hot Spots for STUFF magazine, I started spending hours in the Boston Common. I've always felt a strong magnetic pull to the site of the Great Elm, also known as the hanging tree. There was also an inexplicable interest in the Central Burying Ground and, one night while walking by the old cemetery, I noticed a young female figure wearing what looked like a hospital gown and standing by a tree. I looked back and she was gone.

At this point, I didn't know about the Matthew Rutger legend dating back to the 1970s. Like me, he saw a ghost at the old cemetery and I remember shivering in the beauty and the madness of the moment. Somehow, I felt her pain.

I call her Mary.

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--Photo courtesy Jeffrey Doucette

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